History of the farm

San Gimignano Siena


The Fattoria Guicciardini building complex rose in the second half of the 15 centur. This occurred when it was decided to expand the second town-walls of San Gimignano, built around 1260, to have them include the Church and convent of St.Augustine, which had acquired a great importance for the local community.

From the 1400s on, the complex underwent many trasformations..., dwellings, shops and, from the 1700s to the 1950s the complex gradually became a farm, first owned by the Strozzi family. Later, in 1877, it was given as a dowry to the Guicciardini family, when Princess Luisa Strozzi married Count Francesco Guicciardini, who also owned the Cusona farm.

At that time, the farm was rather large, with approximately fifteen holdings around San Gimignano and many hectares of woodland. The building was the site of many activities there were rooms used as granaries vat-rooms, stables, a joiner's shop and, on the ground floor, there was also an oil-mill.

The complex has been entirely refurbished and now comprehends the Holiday Homes structure, a dancing school, art galleries and shops.

Farmer with ox

Meeting of the "Capocci", Fifties

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