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Il Fattore

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  • Bedroom: 1
  • People: 2/4
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Floor EU/USA: 1/2
  • Mq/Feet: 70/753.48m2

This holiday apartment was formerly a farmhouse barn, whose high ceiling has not been altered in the years. The name of the apartment is a tribute to the figure of the “farmer” who played an important role within the farm organisation. It is a large studio of 70 sqm. on two levels; in the mezzanine there is the bedroom and on the ground floor the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom with bathtub. The apartment has a large window overlooking the alley Via Cellolese (pedestrian area) and a small clerestory upstairs, from which you can admire the starry nights of San Gimignano. Romantic.
Entrance from Via Garibaldi.
Tuscan Farm - il fattore The peasant in charge of the supervision on the execution of farm works, upon request of the landowner, was called “fattore”. He was in fact responsible for the entire farm and organized and planned the work of other peasants. In the past, when most peasants were fixed or temporary wage earners or sharecroppers, the fattore was meant to be the owner's representative. This role developed mostly between the XV and XIX century, due to the existence of the great noble estates and the non-attendance of the landowners on their properties; it was common especially in those areas where sharecropping became the most widespread rural organisation system (Tuscany, Umbria and Marche).